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Virtual Caricature Workshop

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Are you looking for something a little bit different for your team’s virtual party/event? How about a virtual caricature workshop that everyone can get involved in?

✍️ You just need a pencil, paper and the zoom video conferencing app 👩‍👨‍💻

👨‍🎨 Our artist Michael will share his screen and you will draw along with him. It’s fun, it’s creative and there’s a cup to be won for the best drawing in the workshop.

With Michael’s guidance, you will be able to draw a famous face in minutes

Caricature Workshop Drawing Champion - the artist will give give feedback on the drawings and select the person with the best caricature to win the champion's cup. The champion's cup is a mug with a detailed colour drawing of the winner printed on it. The drawing will be created from photos and posted to the winner after the workshop.*

Reasons why a caricature workshop perfect for you and your team.

  • Engaging for people of all ages and drawing ability

  • Perfect for online events and meetings

  • Fun and interactive team building activity that will get everyone talking.

  • Caricature prizes for winning participant

A standard caricature workshop will last between 20 - 60 minutes.

Below is what will happen during the caricature workshop.

Quick introduction - I will introduce myself and briefly explain what a caricature is.

'How to draw face shapes and features' exercise. - I will break down how you can draw a caricature eye, nose, mouth, ear. Participants will initially draw along with my instructions and then have a go at drawing some features without my guidance. Participants will have between 20 - 90 seconds to complete each drawing exercise.

Caricature drawing challenge - I will draw a celebrity or a person of your choosing and participants will draw along with me. I will draw the face in simple steps at a speed that will allow participants to easily follow along and draw at the same time.

Caricature Prize - I will choose the best drawings from the session and that person will win a detailed colour drawing by me. The drawing will be completed after the event and will be printed on a mug which will be delivered to the winner by post.

Email or call Michael on 📞 07949922165 📱 to find out more.

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