Live Event Caricatures

You can book Michael to draw at your event  in almost every location in UK even at short notice. You will be amazed by Michael's drawing quality and speed with an average of 14 people drawn every hour. Many people worry that a caricature will highlight their imperfections but rest assured that Michael style will not only delight and entertain your guests, it will provide them with a lasting momento to treasure for years to come. 

You can also hire Michael to do a virtual caricature workshop with your team, organisation or group of family and friends. This can take place at on Zoom or Microsoft teams


Your guests will be able to take away a unique momento to remind them of the event for many years to come. Michael can draw up to 3 people on the same sheet with each face taking 3 - 5 minutes to draw. Michael can also print your name or logo on the paper for that extra personalised touch. 

  • Fun for all ages
  • Hand drawn in just minutes
  • I can sit and draw or walk around and draw 
  • A keepsakes that your guests will love and treasure

If you book me to draw at your wedding for 3 or more hours, I will draw a detailed caricature of the couple before the wedding and present it on arrival. I will email you 2 weeks before the booking to request photos. I will the draw the caricature and frame at no additional cost. The Pre drawn wedding caricature creates a real buzz on arrival and helps set the tone for the live drawing. 


Virtual Caricature Workshop

A Virtual Caricature Workshop is the perfect activity for a virtual Team building event or Friday fun days at the office. You can also book the workshop for schools, colleges or University. 

Michael will share his screen and break the show you his step by step approach to drawing a caricature. You will go into a friendly competition to draw the best caricature and the person will the best drawing will win a caricature mug. You can read more about virtual workshops on our blog. Click here to go to blog post. 

  • Engaging for people of all ages and drawing ability
  • Perfect for online events and meetings
  • Fun and interactive team building activities
  • Friendly competition with a caricature prize up for grabs for the winning participant

Frequently Asked Questions

How many caricature can you draw per hour?

On average 14 people per hour

Can I book more than one artist?

Yes, I have worked with a couple of extremely talented artists so you can book me and up to 5 other artists for the same event. 

How do payments work?

You pay a 20% Deposit to secure your booking. The remaining balance can be paid in cash on the day or by bank transfer or card 3 days before the event. ​

How much time do you need to prepare?

10 minutes

How far can you travel?

Anywhere in the world subject to availability.

Do you need specific equipment or conditions to offer your service?

If I'm just walking around and drawing, I just need the room or space to have enough light.

If working from a seated station, I will require 3 chairs. 

How do you do the free detailed couple caricature if someone books for 3 hours or more hours?

I will email you 2 weeks before the booking to request photos. I will then draw the caricature, frame it and present it to you on arrival. 

Can I order a detailed couple caricature if I book for just 2 hours?

Yes you can, the price would be £100 for the framed couple caricature. 

Do I get a free detailed caricature if I book for a birthday or other event?

No you do not unfortunately, this promotion only applies to wedding bookings. If you would like to add a detailed caricature to your booking  the price would be £50 per person drawn. 

How does it work when it comes to the virtual caricature workshops?

When you book a caricature workshop, I will send you the link to the scheduled Zoom or Teams meeting. You then just have to forward the link to all the participants so they can join the call on the day of the workshop. Each participant, will need a pencil and at least 3 sheets of plain paper.


Can you come to our Office/Venue/ School to do the caricature workshop in person?

Yes You can book me to come to you and do the workshop in person. I am happy to to travel to any location in the UK. You will still need to provide participants with pencil and 3 sheets of paper.