Caricature From Photos

Head & shoulders caricatures

We offer standard head and shoulder caricatures which are perfect for websites, team pages, social media and elsewhere online. Caricatures can also be printed and used to create a fun team wall in an office.

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It takes us approximately 4 working days to complete a head and shoulders caricature order. Orders with more than 5 drawings  will take longer to complete. An express next day service is available for orders with less than 15 people. The express service is only available for orders that do not require printing so the final artwork will be sent by email


Superhero Caricatures

You can order a superhero caricature for you, your family and friends. All we need is for you to send a photo, pick a super-suit and we'll create your caricature from just £30.

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A single superhero caricature takes us approximately 6 working days to complete. Orders with more than 10 people may take longer to complete. An express 3 day service is available for orders with less than 10 people.


Personalised Caricatures

From just a couple of photos and some information or anecdotes about the person, we can create a caricature that shows a likeness and  an essence of what makes that person who they are.  Our caricatures have been used as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, retirement and more. Our caricatures have also been commissioned as fun and personalised family portraits to hang in family homes. 

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It takes between 8 - 10 working days to complete a personalised caricature. Orders with more than 10 people in the drawing may take longer to complete. We do offer an express service for orders with less than 5 people in the drawing.  This service guarantees delivery of artwork within 3 - 4 working days from the point that we receive the deposit and the photos. 

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